How I Shifted from Nikon to Canon to Sony? Truthful Answers!!!

I started my Photography Career as 'Nikon' guy! I was a passionate Nikon Photographer and yes i was involved in heated debates on the Topic "Nikon vs Canon - Which one is the best?" Every time i stood for Nikon in heated debates where I claimed Nikon is the best and always i used Dxo marks to shut Canon users many time (lol). It's all during my beginner's time where I am new to the Camera's or probably knew about only 1 or 2 camera's. Then after several years, when i started my own studio business, my plan was to buy a used Nikon D700 full frame camera as Nikon D7000 and D3100 are the only cameras i had which are not full frame bodies.

So when i was searching for D700, my studio friends stopped me and asked to buy a New or used Canon 5D Mark III which was at its peak by that time. Being a Nikon guy, I had ego issues to choose Canon. i showed 0% interest. I just told them had you guys seen the sharpness of D700? Result of D800? My guys told me, "Atleast buy a Canon 6D if you cannot spend for the 5D Mark III"

"No. On that case I will buy a Nikon D610. Not 6D"

- That was my strict reply. Later I bought a used D800 instead of D700. Because i thought I must be a good competitor to face my opponents who are running studio business. I told to myself, I must not appear weak in front of them.

As days roll on, D800 earned me good amount of money and in just 4.5 months i earned back the invested money through profits alone. Also one fine day, My canon friends visited my studio and checked the results of the D800 photos. They could not say a bad thing about the camera. Infact, I myself satisfied when they agreed my photos are sharper than theirs after every zoom check on my photos. I was very proud to be a Nikon Guy and told to myself, "Raghul, congratulations. You won!" So, Did I won here?

The answer is Yes and No Yes - Technically (Ofcourse Nikon is Sharper)

No - Businesswise, A 'no' because i was not a overall winner there in earnings comparing my Canon friends. Because they will rent their 5D Mark III cameras for atleast 3 times in a month. Whereas my camera don't even be rented for 1 time because it is 'Nikon'

To the worst, customers also started dmanding they only need 5D camera because they knew that is the 'best' camera.

(In Another article we will see why Nikon was ignored by the wedding photographers of my surrounding)

Slowly when my studio turned to be a busy wedding studio, sometimes i used to get 2 weddings on the same day. By that time I will hire a Wedding Photographer (5D Mark III).

Same for candid when there is a need for Candid photographer. Observing the results of Canon, at first I got jealousy on few shots because they were better than mine, overall. I noticed the warm colors were making the difference. Also the soft skins. Where my Nikon exactly showed the actual result but I felt Canon going to please the customers more. I slowly decided, I need a Canon body to close that tiny difference between me and Canon Photographers which make the big impact in the field.

Later I started using 5D Mark III for all wedding events, even 6D as secondary camera.. But inside my heart, i was always breathing, "Nikon" "Nikon" "Nikon"

To the worst, even some photographers spotted me on events and asked where is your D800 camera? It was an amazing one!

My reaction was just this by that time 👉 "Are you kidding me?? Where were you all these days, guys? "😧

My passion for Nikon cameras never flew away after shifting to Canon Full time. I was thinking how Cristiano Ronaldo would have been in his Real Madrid Days after switching from Manchester United. If we have too much of passion on something, then for sure it will be tough to forget and wash from our heart! That way, Nikon always stayed inside my Heart ❤️

Then after some years, guys again told me, "Bro, have you tried Sony A7R II? You should try it". I was like, "Heck, why should I? No way! I am fine with my current set ups. I have seen both the Sharpness (Nikon) and Color science (Canon). What does Sony going to offer me?"

Then I was showed some behind the scenes of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma Wedding where my guys pointed out the Sony A7R II cameras were flying here and there. (Even that was not enough to satisfy me immediately 😜)

I was firm with my decision. No!!! no to Sony, at present. There is no necessity at all!

Then one day I went to camera shop for buying a Digital Camera to my brother in law!

The shop sellers are well known to me and they encouraged to buy the Sony A5100 which was near to our budget by that time. Still the seller recommended to buy A6000 which has external flash mount. He also told me if you can invest some more, you can buy Sony A6300 which also have 4K resolution. I immediately cut him saying no, no.. That's not even close to our budget. No brainwashing please. I don't fall under any 4k myths. So I don't need a Sony A6300 at any cost (Right now I own a Sony a6300 😜 Sometimes i even prefer to use that camera over 5D Mark IV for Steadicam shots and whenever i need convenience - we will see this in another article)

So at last, we came home with Sony A5100 after watching few impressive things when the camera seller explained us few features. We just thought let this be one more camera in our collection. That was our approach when we decided to buy the camera. My brother in law told me to keep the camera myself in the studio and he will come and take only when necessary. Luckily i thought to check the camera one day and that was the new era in my career where I truly to start to think "Why not to switch to Sony?"

The actual resons that made me to think like that because:

1. Weight

2. 16-50mm lens performance

3. Video stabilisation - another notable thing in the lens

4. Adaptability of using majority of the Vintage Lenses

5. Focus Peaking which I never seen in Nikon or Canon

6. Creative modes were actually Creative modes and not any Cheat Sheets

7. That's all to mention with a A5100 I hope so. But If i include just the A6300, then I must mention the S Log which is a killer feature!

8. Lastly, Mirrorless! Mirrorless = No Mirror. Right?. Hence few of my FD or FL mounts are not going to damage or touch the Mirror which must be considered as an important factor while comparing with DSLR's

Though i never ever considered weight as a factor during my shoot, I slowly understood why weight matters after I started shooting long hours often. That is the reason Why I always avoid Canon 1D Mark IV for many long hour shoots. The shoulder pain truly kills us for a day or two!

Weight is not the first impressive thing I found with the Sony. I was too surprised with the result of that tiny kit lens. I never thought that 16-50mm lens would be this much awesome. It is had stabilization which i quickly noticed during my first video walk with Sony A5100. It was all a great first experience with Sony.

Alright now i don't want to elaborate the above written 8 points.

I was always a manual lens lover and i have some good amount of vintage lenses. Using them with Sony, I feel it more easy and also i feel that set up was great to go comparing with even bigger bodies like Nikon or Canon. Digital zoom is also pretty decent with Sony. IT helps me a lot while shooting Macro subjects.

Focus Peaking for sure helps in critical times. Not to mention about the Zebra as well. These like things actually take the Photography to the next level and this is what I see as actual technology growth and not like we hear on some advertisements which tell us their previous camera had 51,200 ISO and new release has 102400 ISO. Either ways, we are not going to use both these ISO values.

In this very moment (by 2019), I myself a Sony Guy 51% (Sony A7R II & A6300)

But also 49% of Canon user (Canon 5D Mark IV)

I use a Nikon D750 only when there is a Camera Shortage in my office!

It's not like I am under estimating Nikon D750. Just my preferences have changed.

I openly like to admit that I am a 'Nikon'ian by heart. That's how i got birth in Photography.

But in today's scenes, I am not going to say I will stay with this. I moulded myself to be a clever photographer rather being an emotional guy.

I will still use Nikon, Canon and Sony (If anyone thinks investing on 3 camera is unnecessary, kindly consider the fact that I am a Studio guy) considering the needs, circumstances, situations, and lastly my conveniences.

Nowadays, I Primarily use 5D mark IV for wedding video shoots. But I will switch to Sony when I feel its time to pair my vintage beast lenses like Takumar 50mm f1.4, Tair 11 133mm f2.8 or when i am in need of S-log things. Some might point out about Canon's Magic Lantern. I agree.. Yes, Canon have such options. But for me, I am comfortable and confident with Sony for such things which is very important factor to myself!

Alright, Guys! So just share your how your photography career was while starting it and which camera was always close to your heart? Also which is your current day modern camera?

Are you a Nikon, Canon, Sony or Fujifilm guy?

(We will see other cameras like Fujifilm, Panasonic and Olympus very shortly)

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