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Raghul Hitman


Hello Guys, It's me, Raghul here!
I am Basically an Entrepreneur from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.
I ran a Photo Studio in Coimbatore for 6 years (till 2019), which i shut down later because of moving different location.

Currently I am Full time Freelance Video Creator.
I primarily Shoot South Indian Weddings, Events, Short Film, Aerial Cinematography, High Speed Action sequences using FPV Quad.

Please check my YouTube page to watch my video tutorials on FPV Drones, Software's as well as Vintage Lenses which nobody is talking about!
Though I had posted some videos on Vintage lenses like Helios, Meyer-Optik, Novoflex, Takumar, Pentax, Canon FD, Anamorphic lenses, etc., I Promise 100+ uploads are still on the way!!!
I have special love for the lovely Vintage Lenses. I love the unique distinct character of many lenses which I cherish and enjoy.  They will always remain as my all time favorite lenses and also have a special place in my Heart. You can ask me about any lenses and i try to review it in our Blog and YouTube Channel.